Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mmmm Bento, i love thee...

i received one of my bento boxes today, i think my cat was more interested in it then i was..? impossible!!

i'm not looking forward to going into work today. on a normal day, we have 3 people at the desk, but since we're in a transition of getting a new person to replace an old ones spot, scheduling is tight. they've pulled someone from a different dept to help me, and she is good at basic things at the desk, however she texts me that shes not feeling well...... i have no one to cover my lunch if she goes home. i told her that i'm not able to approve that and she'll have to talk to someone higher up to make that decision and to find me lunch coverage if she goes. i'm not terribly surprised by the text :/

this new position makes me so tired T-T

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