Friday, April 16, 2010

i was inspired by a pair of shoes.......

... to start to dramatically change my whole wardrobe. and mind you, when i decided to do this, i never actually HAD a pair of shoes in my possession, or in my sights to purchase. rather it was my lack of having a pair of casually nice heels (that i didnt feel like i was a total fake to my character wearing) in my puny collection. also, i didnt really have any outfits that called to have these said shoes, thus nothing 25+ ish casual nice really found its way into my closet. AND i work retail, at a home improvement business... so my clothing consists of jeans and tshirts. and some of these jeans... well... i dont feel i should be wearing anything that flare-y anymore. and t-shirts w/ cartoons on them... even funny kawaii inspired stuff. give me solid or print or some small design, thats it.

so i started buying dresses. making myself do so rather. and then followed the pair of casual nice heels that inspired me long before i met them. they're grey, they're a wedge, they go so well with a cute vintage style wrap dress i picked up from another store, they're not top dollar, and they have my heart.

in the last 4 years i went from wearing jeans and t shirts and no make up to never leaving the house w/out some minimal eye-crap on my face and considering which outting to attend to justify my purchase on that awesome shift dress.



  1. Wedge heels do seem to be a lot more popular lately...

  2. they're so cute, i may have to post pics on here

    props to old navy for having them!