Friday, June 4, 2010

hello strangers... well, stranger since at this point i only have one follower.. ok so... hello Jess!

hahah :3~

anyways, i havent been updating this thing much :/ my bad. i've been so busy these last 2 weeks. we have our house warming party/ my bday bbq this sunday, so maybe i'll post some good pics from that.

*side note: runs to charge camera*

ok thats pretty much it.... boring existance today...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mmmm Bento, i love thee...

i received one of my bento boxes today, i think my cat was more interested in it then i was..? impossible!!

i'm not looking forward to going into work today. on a normal day, we have 3 people at the desk, but since we're in a transition of getting a new person to replace an old ones spot, scheduling is tight. they've pulled someone from a different dept to help me, and she is good at basic things at the desk, however she texts me that shes not feeling well...... i have no one to cover my lunch if she goes home. i told her that i'm not able to approve that and she'll have to talk to someone higher up to make that decision and to find me lunch coverage if she goes. i'm not terribly surprised by the text :/

this new position makes me so tired T-T

Saturday, May 15, 2010

you never realize that something is so important to your future self until an event happens to your present person that may change that future....

ultrasound on fri, then i have to schedule more tests with an REI (reproductive endocrinology and infertility) specialist. so hopefully more answers in the next few months.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

sometimes you shouldn't fear the natural....

...especially with hair. i wore my hair wavy for the first time in over 10 years. i was absolutely horrified that someone was going to point at me and ask why the hell i looked like some sorta "just rolled outta bed hot mess". well, maybe thats a lil lie... but close enough. but it went over well! many asked how i styled my hair like i did, and were amazed to hear that all i did was dry it (everyones used to seeing me in some sort of straight do') to be able to let go of that polished "both sides lay the same way" look was so fricken hard though. but wow, this way is now so easy, and easier on my hair.

maybe we'll both sleep better :3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i was going to blog in here about some crap, but as i kept rewriting and erasing, i realized bitching about it isnt worth it and to just let it go.

perhaps i'll just slowly withdraw from this situation and not reply/contact/etc so much anymore. i dont think the friendship is being reciprocated, so why waste our time on it, right?

ok then! :3~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brian moves in

my basement is full of his furniture T-T

we spent all day yesterday painting his room. my boyfriend has his own painting business and we realized that we prolly would never be good business partners as we dick around too much.....

as seen here....

but heres the end result!

not too shabby, considering it started out as a half completed office room in an unfinished basement :3

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i'm a total procrastinator today... :/

instead of doing whatever the hell i'm supposed to be doing, i'm staring at the computer and doing other mundane things....


Friday, April 16, 2010

i was inspired by a pair of shoes.......

... to start to dramatically change my whole wardrobe. and mind you, when i decided to do this, i never actually HAD a pair of shoes in my possession, or in my sights to purchase. rather it was my lack of having a pair of casually nice heels (that i didnt feel like i was a total fake to my character wearing) in my puny collection. also, i didnt really have any outfits that called to have these said shoes, thus nothing 25+ ish casual nice really found its way into my closet. AND i work retail, at a home improvement business... so my clothing consists of jeans and tshirts. and some of these jeans... well... i dont feel i should be wearing anything that flare-y anymore. and t-shirts w/ cartoons on them... even funny kawaii inspired stuff. give me solid or print or some small design, thats it.

so i started buying dresses. making myself do so rather. and then followed the pair of casual nice heels that inspired me long before i met them. they're grey, they're a wedge, they go so well with a cute vintage style wrap dress i picked up from another store, they're not top dollar, and they have my heart.

in the last 4 years i went from wearing jeans and t shirts and no make up to never leaving the house w/out some minimal eye-crap on my face and considering which outting to attend to justify my purchase on that awesome shift dress.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

random side note

it seems like a lot of blogs on here are mostly about 3 things...

1. knitting/some sort of crafting

2. a woman and her relationship w/ her significant other

3. a "family" blog

*thinks of some way to make her blog all 3 w/her cats...

i could have the header picture be with the cats and i knitting together during a family vacation... with one of us pregnant.

4. chronicles of a pregnancy (forgot to add that...)

daddy has a drinking problem.... >_>

crap i want to get.....

...since i got my taxes done...

i've been wanting a pair of "classic" adidas shoes for awhile now..

and how fricken cute is this owl bento box!??!?!? :3

Monday, April 12, 2010

my cat should do this with me. in the end, we'd both be happier, and more in shape :3

lets see if i do this more than LiveJournal...

i'm about to delete my lj due to i just dont use it much anymore ( i think i'm just bored of it, what it has to offer, etc...) but sometimes i still like to blog crap... and dont really feel like doing so in my facebook. well, as i was going through the journals of some of the few people that still post there i found that one person on my friends list uses this thing. i took a look, its cute... i'll try it...

for anyone who follows me (hah... ok, i doubt many, if any, will), i post very sporadically.. unless i can easily do so from my phone.. i'll have to look into that.